Private Walk-in Clinic

Westbury Chemist offers a walk-in clinic service where you can access treatment for certain conditions.

What happens at a walk-in clinic?

A walk-in clinic is where you can visit the pharmacy for a private consultation without having to book an appointment. Our pharmacists are trained to examine, diagnose and treat certain conditions. We’ll let you know if the pharmacist is available and invite you to wait in-store.

During your walk-in consultation, the pharmacist will assess your condition before offering advice on care and treatment. Depending on your symptoms, we will perform some tests to assess your condition. We may:

  •  – ask you to provide a urine sample for us to test
  •  – listen to your breathing using a stethoscope
  •  – look in your ears using an otoscope
  •  – check for swollen glands in your neck
  •  – ask you about your symptoms.
  •  – take a swab test

We want you to feel safe and comfortable at all times. So, let your pharmacist know if you aren’t happy with certain assessments. You can also bring a friend or ask for a chaperone during your consultation.

Once the consulting pharmacist has assessed your symptoms, they will be able to offer advice and treatment, which may include prescription medication and antibiotics. Please remember, this is a private/paid for service so there will be a cost involved.

What conditions can you treat at the walk-in clinic?

We offer diagnosis and treatments for the following types of conditions:

  •  – Chest infections
  •  – Urinary tract infections (UTIs)
  •  – Tonsillitis/throat infections
  •  – Ear infections

But don’t worry. Our pharmacists are clinically trained to provide healthcare for the above infections and minor ailments. Plus, we know when to refer you to your GP or to A&E. This means you’ll always get the level of service you need whatever your condition.

Visit our walk-in clinics and get treatment fast

Come to our store to access no-fuss healthcare advice and treatment. If you are in doubt whether this service is for you, you can discuss it with a member of staff or phone us first.