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VaccineNumber of DosesPrice Per Dose
Cholera (Dukorel)2 (day 0, 7)£28.50
Combined: Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio1£35.00
Hepatitis A2 (day 0,6-12m)£50.00
Hepatitis B4 (day 0, 7, 21, 12m)£45.00
Hepatitis B Paeds4 (day 0, 7, 21, 12m)​£45.00
Combined: Hep A & Hep B4 (day0,7,21,12m)£65.00
Combined: Hep A & Typhoid1£75.00
Combined: Hep A & Hep B Paeds3 (0,1m,6m)£55.00
Japanese Encephalitis2 – Adult (day 0, 7) Paediatric (day 0,28)£90.00
Meningitis ACWY1£45.00
Rabies (injection)3 (day 0, 7, 21-28)£70.00
Tick-Borne Encephalitis3 doses (0,1-3m,5-12m)£55.00/ £50.00
Typhoid Injection1£45.00
Typhoid Oral3 (day 0,3,5)£40.00 for 3 doses
Yellow Fever1£75.00
Meningitis B2£130.00
HPV / HPV 92/3 (Depend on age)£130.00/ £150.00

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