Safer Travels. Book Travel Vaccinations Appointment.

Whether you’re on holiday or going backpacking, there are some dangerous diseases out there. Westbury Chemist offers travel vaccinations to keep you protected and safe.

Travelling to Africa or Central, or South America? Read more about your yellow fever vaccination


PCR Fit-To-Fly Vaccinations

PCR Fit to Fly tests are available at Westbury Chemist, Streatham. Drop the tests back off to the chemist by 3 pm Monday – Friday and before 1 pm Saturday – Sunday for next day results by 8 pm.


Flu Vaccinations

Westbury Chemist, Streatham is now providing NHS flu vaccinations for over 65’s. Walk-in any time for an appointment.

Vaccinations are available from 9am-6pm, Thursday to Saturday.

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PCR Fit To Fly Home Kits

Next Day Results

Purchase Your PCR Test

The PCR Tests are available to be purchased either online or for collection in-store. The fit to fly tests cost £100.00 per kit.

Do The Test At Home

The tests are At Home kits. Once you collect the test, you must either do this in the space of your own car or at home and return the test to the chemist once done.

Next Day Results

You’ll receive the results of your PCR test by 8 pm the next day. For next day results, you must drop the test back to the chemist Monday – Friday before 3 pm or Saturday – Sunday before 1 pm. Tests dropped after these times will be considered for the day after.

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Need Travel

If you need travel vaccinations at competitive prices in Streatham, look no further! Westbury Chemist has a wide range of vaccines and is bookable at your fingertips.

Directions to our Travel Clinic

  1. Drive: We’re a 4-minute drive from Streatham Station to Westbury Chemist
  2. Transport: We’re an 8-minute bus ride away from Streatham Station. Use the buses: 50, 118, 133, 250, P13
  3. Walk: We’re a 15-minute walk away from Streatham station
  4. Cycle: 5-minute bike ride away from Streatham station
  1. Drive: We’re a 4-minute drive from Streatham Hill Station to Westbury Chemist
  2. Transport: We’re a 6-minute bus ride away from Streatham Hill Station. Use the buses: 57, 109, 133, 159, 201
  3. Walk: We’re a 6-minute walk away from Streatham Hill Station
  4. Cycle: 4-minute bike ride away from Streatham Hill Station
  1. Drive: We’re a 8-minute drive from Streatham Common Station to Westbury Chemist
  2. Transport: We’re a 10-minute bus ride away from Streatham Common Station. Use the buses: 118, 50,109, 250, 255, 57, 201, 333
  3. Walk: We’re a 27-minute walk away from Streatham Common Station
  4. Cycle: 9-minute bike ride away from Streatham Common Station

Coronavirus Booster Vaccinations

Grab your COVID Booster Jab

Westbury Chemist is now offering COVID-19 booster vaccinations. Walk-in appointments are available.

Please note: Walk-in appointments are available on Tuesday - Saturday from 8am - 1pm and 4pm - 6:30pm

COVID-19 Booster Vaccinations

COVID-19 Booster vaccinations are available at Westbury Chemist. Appointments can be booked via National Booking System


Walk-in service available Tuesday – Saturday 8am – 7pm (closed between 2pm- 3pm )


Please check if you are eligible for your booster vaccination.


You will be given a booster dose of either Pfizer or a half dose of Moderna vaccine. You will be offered the right vaccine for you which may be the same or different from the vaccines that you had before.